We81.com – We Are Infinite as One – Helping Those In Need

We81 stands for We Are Infinite As One. It is dedicated to the concept that when we help each other we help ourselves through the belief that we are all more alike than we are different.

We81 is an umbrella opensource brand with a simple mission statement:

“Seeking to end all suffering and maximize liberty and happiness for all.”

Core concepts involve:

“Unconditional pragmatic love – you are your brothers keeper – circumstance, genetics, misinformation, upbringing and mental illness are the only reasons people would behave improperly – no one would choose to be unhappy, unhelpful or unloving if given the chance.”

“There is no evil – evil is a concept that makes unthinkable acts Ok – the us vs. them mentality. Our actions need to prevent and help bad things from happening, but there is no blame.”

“Everyone is equally worthwhile – everyone would be there best if they could be. Everyone is trying as hard as they can.”

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